Friday, 3 June 2011

Score System in the "Cut The Rope" Games

( General High Score Tips and Tricks:  If you want to get higher scores, read my NEW guide which applies to most or all platforms and devices: General High Score Tips and Tricks for "Cut The Rope". )

( Level Design Changes:  The levels in "Cut The Rope" (for iOS platform) have their designs changed 3 times, for more details, please read: Changes to Level Design in "Cut The Rope". )

( Gameplay Differences:  If you're interested in the scores, read the important article: Gameplay of "Cut The Rope" is slightly different for different devices. )

( History of Changes for iOS Platform (Updated on 6th December 2014):  The score system in ver. 1.4 of "Cut The Rope" is basically the same as vers. 1.1 to 1.3 except that the "scrolling animation" bug mentioned below was removed.  For ver. 1.5, it's the same as ver. 1.4 except that a new bug was introduced, read: NEW "Electric Sparks" Bug in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.5.  This bug has been removed in ver. 1.6.  In ver. 1.9, a "superpower" feature like in "Cut The Rope: Experiments" was added (mentioned below).  No new box was added in ver. 2.0 but a NEW video viewing feature for Om Nom Stories was added, read: Changes to "Cut The Rope" ver. 2.0, "Cut The Rope: Experiments" ver. 1.5, "Cut The Rope Free" ver. 2.0, etc.  The 13th box "Steam Box" was added in ver. 2.1, 14th box "Lantern Box" added in ver. 2.2, 15th box "Cheese Box" added in ver. 2.3 and 16th box "Pillow Box" added in ver. 2.4 of "Cut The Rope" (NEW "Hints" feature was introduced in ver. 2.4).

Another thing is that the scores for 3 boxes "Cosmic", "Valentine" and "Toy" have been "mixed up" when the order of boxes was changed in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.6 (read: Changes to Order of Boxes in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.6), so you cannot really compare the scores for these 3 boxes now because some players have replayed the levels in them, resulting in higher scores than usual.  Read article: NEW "Score Mixup" Bug in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.6.

For "Cut The Rope HD", it has an additional mini-game called "Candy Feast" which was introduced in ver. 1.8, read: "Cut The Rope HD" ver. 1.8 adds Mini-game "Candy Feast".  The 11th box "DJ Box" was introduced in ver. 1.7 while the 12th box "Spooky Box" was introduced in ver. 1.9, only the "HD" version has ver. 1.8 which added the mini-game.

For "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift", the newly released ver. 1.7 is the same (extra ad for new game "My Om Nom") as "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" ver. 1.6 (for iOS and Android) which is basically the same as ver. 1.5.x but it has an Android version this time, for more details please read the articles: "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" ver. 1.5 and Tricks usable in iPhone 4 but not in iPhone 3G.

For "Cut The Rope: Experiments", the 6th box "Handy Candy" was added in ver. 1.3, ver. 1.4 only added a NEW "superpower" feature, read: "Cut The Rope: Experiments" ver. 1.4 now has "Superpowers" !  Similarly, no new box was added in ver. 1.5 but a new video viewing feature for Om Nom Stories was added.  The 7th box "Ant Hill" was added in ver. 1.6.  The 8th box "Bamboo Chutes" has just been added in ver. 1.7 for the iOS platform but it was released 2 months ago for the Android platform, read: Episode 22 of Om Nom Stories, "Cut The Rope: Experiments" Bamboo Chutes Update and "Cut The Rope 2" ver. 1.0.

When using iPhone 4S, for the 1st 7 boxes of "Cut The Rope: Experiments" I can only trigger the "scrolling animation" bug in 5 levels: (1) 2-11 (need to add a bit of delay to collect 3rd star, firstly shoot topmost or middle gun and cut away the rope a while later, then shoot 2nd gun to attach candy to bottom bubble) , (2) 3-19 (not so difficult to trigger bug but very difficult to get 6,000 pts, need to send candy to Om Nom very fast, before it starts to appear on the left), (3) 5-7 (quite easy to get 6,000 pts), (4) 6-12 (difficult to trigger bug, need to throw candy upwards very quickly at the start, by rotating robot's arm clockwise very fast and releasing the candy at the correct timing, to get 6,000 pts you need to send candy to Om Nom very fast) and (5) 6-17.

For other platforms or devices, due to the slight differences in game physics, you may be able to trigger the "scrolling animation" bug in more or fewer levels.  For example, iPhone 4 can trigger this bug in at least 1 more level: (6) 4-25 (can get 6,000 pts).  I used to assume that the "HD" version cannot trigger this bug because last time "dntn31" reported that when using iPad, you couldn't trigger this bug in "Cut The Rope HD" when you could trigger it using iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, etc. in the old versions 1.1 to 1.3 of "Cut The Rope" (the "SD" version).  But later "Gregor Fran" told me that when using iPad 2, he could trigger this bug in Level 6-12 of "Cut The Rope: Experiments HD".

"Spikes" Bug
I don't know when ZeptoLab introduced this bug into "Cut The Rope" but I only noticed it when I played the "DJ Box".  The candy can "pass through" the spikes if you move it very fast.

"Unusual Speedup" Bug or Feature
I don't know whether this is a bug or a feature introduced by ZeptoLab.  It occurs more frequently in "Cut The Rope: Experiments" than the other games.  Sometimes the moving stars, suction cups, rockets, etc. can move faster than usual, so you have to play more times to max out your scores.  For the suction cups, in some levels they can suddenly "jump up" at the start when you tap on them quickly after pressing the "restart" button, this only occurs once in a while.

For "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift", only the last level 25 (in ver. 1.1 up to 1.6.x) has this problem, once in a while the rocket can move unusually fast.

For "Cut The Rope", so far I've only noticed this problem in "Buzz Box", once in a while the bees can move slightly faster in a few levels.

* How the Score is Calculated *

The score of "Cut The Rope" for each level (Perfect score = 6,000 pts) is comprised of 2 parts:

(1) Getting the 3 stars (1,000 pts each so 3 stars will give you 3,000 pts),

(2) Completing the level as fast as possible (delaying 1 second will result in a loss of 100 pts) and if you can complete the level in less than or "exactly" equal to 2s, you can get the maximum score for this "time" portion which is 3,000 pts.  The score counting process shows a "rounded" no. of seconds on screen but the score computation does not round up the time like this.

In version 1.0 of "Cut The Rope" for the iOS platform (and also the "Lite" ver., now renamed as "Cut The Rope Free" BUT not the "Holiday Gift" ver.), the minimum time difference was 1s and the minimum score difference was 100 pts but starting from ver. 1.1, it has been refined to minimum time difference 0.1s and minimum score difference 10 pts.  So when you could have got 5,690 pts in ver. 1.1 onwards, in ver. 1.0 you would get a truncated score 5,600 pts.  For the newer games "Cut The Rope: Time Travel" and "Cut The Rope 2", and the browser-based versions (read: NEW Web version of "Cut The Rope"), the minimum time difference could be 0.01s, so the minimum score difference is 1 pt.

In "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.1, they introduced a short scrolling animation at the beginning of some levels and with this, they also introduced a "bug" or "glitch" in the game.  At the "exact" end of the animation, if you can move the "candy" in the opposite direction of the scrolling animation with enough speed and distance, you can earn extra score bonus because the scrolling animation is "extended" and the scrolling animation time is deducted from your time taken to complete the level.  So it was possible to get 6,000 pts in some levels like level 18 in "Fabric Box", levels 11 and 17 in "Foil Box", levels 5 and 10 in "Gift Box", level 10 in "Cosmic Box", level 19 in "Magic Box", etc.  It was easy to get 6,000 pts for some levels like level 18 in "Fabric Box" and level 19 in "Magic Box" while it was difficult for others like level 17 in "Foil Box" (the order of boxes in "Cut The Rope" has been changed in ver. 1.6, so I purposely don't specify the box no. in front of the level no. here).

For the "Cut The Rope HD" version for iPads, you couldn't trigger such "bugs" to earn extra score bonuses.

In addition, there're some small differences in the gameplay for different devices, read my next post.  It would be a headache to explain all the techniques you can use for each game level, since some techniques can only be used for certain devices.

There was a "high score updating" bug in ver. 1.2 of "Cut The Rope" and they've fixed it starting from ver. 1.2.1.  They changed some levels of the "Cosmic Box" to make them easier to play and introduced a bug there whereby if you've increased your scores in some levels of this box, after that you couldn't post your high scores anymore.  The solution is to reset all your scores and replay all over again.  I was one of the unlucky guys to encounter this bug and had to waste lots of time to replay the levels (some not easy to get back the scores).



  1. "They changed some levels of the "Cosmic Box" to make them easier to play and introduced a bug there whereby if you've increased your scores in some levels of this box, after that you can't post your high scores anymore."

    That happened to me.. will I have to reset everything? :(

  2. This "high score updating" bug occurred in ver. 1.2 (when the 6th box "Valentine Box" was introduced) which was quite long ago. If you still can't post your high scores in the latest ver. 1.3 (released on 5th Apr 2011) then I think you have to reset your scores like what minibilibob and I did.

    But now I think they'll be releasing a new box soon and I don't know whether they'll fix the "different gameplay" problem. If they do, that would mean we would all have to replay all over again. That's why now I'm playing another game.

    Maybe you can ask them over email whether they'll change the score system again to fix this "different gameplay" problem. I don't want to trouble them too much, so far I've already emailed them 4 times regarding the bugs, etc.

    Although the ZeptoLab staff always replied, they only replied briefly, but that is better than Rovio (creator of "Angry Birds") where their staff didn't even bother to reply to any of my 3 emails sent to them (last year September to October). I also emailed Chillingo (in charge of the "Crystal" leaderboards) 3 times before and they only replied once (the 1st time).

    I was surprised dntn31, minibilibob, Purple Dream and the others who discussed this game's strategies and techniques in a forum (now shut down) didn't feedback to ZeptoLab earlier when they knew about this "different gameplay" problem. They knew this problem way back in January I think (I read their posts) and they should inform Zeptolab earlier on so that they can fix the problem earlier.

    I only discovered the Youtube videos of dntn31 somewhere in mid April and sent an email to them on 18 April asking them to fix this "different gameplay" problem. A few days later then I discovered the forum. Luckily I finished reading all their posts before the forum was shut down somewhere in May.

    By the way I'm waiting for iPhone 5 to arrive, that's why I didn't upgrade to iPhone 4 yet. The problem is that I normally have to sign up a 2-year contract with the telephone company and I signed up my iPhone 3G a bit late (a few months later the 3GS arrived and one year later the iPhone 4 arrived).

  3. Hi David, what's the extra star all about in the top right of each Season page which shows Total Stars: 375? I have collected 3 stars on every level but only the first of the two stars is lit up, suggesting I have to do something more to light up the second star. Thanks for your help.

    1. At the top-right corner of each "Seasons" page for "Cut The Rope", the 1st star is yellow meaning the normal stars you collect while the 2nd is blue meaning the hidden "blue" stars which you can collect when using the "superpower" feature.

      For your case, you've never used the "superpower" feature, so the 2nd star was not lit up for "Total Stars". The extra "blue" stars which you can earn when using the "superpower" feature add on to the "Total Stars" count.

      You can read the article: "Cut The Rope: Experiments" ver. 1.4 now has "Superpowers"

      The "superpower" feature in CTR and CTR:Experiments doesn't affect the scores, it's like the "Space Eagle" feature in "Angry Birds Space" or the "Mighty Falcon" feature in "Angry Birds Star Wars".

    2. can i undo the blue star ? pls answer

    3. You can't undo the Blue Star unless you reset the game. Just leave it.

  4. Hi David,

    You've mentioned at the end of the post that you've reset your scores. They were reset in Game Center too?

    I'm trying to reset my Game Center scores, because they're stuck. No matter how much I play they never change. I've played this game years ago (with the old box order), and just now I'm back to it, but the old scores are immutable.

    So far, I've tried the in-game reset button, turning iCloud Sync On/Off, logout/login from Game Center, turn off/on the iPhone... and multiple combinations of them.

    I've also removed the app and choose the "remove from Game Center" option, then waited a for a full week before installing the app again. But as soon as it is reinstalled, the old scores are back to Game Center again. They never reset and never change!

    Any tips?

    1. Sorry, my own "Cut The Rope" scores are messed up in "Game Center" also, I've mentioned it in some old posts.

      For "Cut The Rope", I only played with iPhone 4S starting from the 10th box "Buzz Box".

      My old iPhone 3G scores were posted for the 1st 8 boxes and there was a bug then in "Game Center" and my score for the 9th box "Tool Box" wasn't posted to it. A slightly older version of my iPhone 3G scores were posted actually.

      Another thing is that the scores for 3 boxes were "mixed up" as mentioned above. There're also some bugs and changes.

      Anyway just play for fun. I don't spend as much time playing for high scores recently because I have other games to play and other things to do as well.

    2. So, no high-score fun for us :(

      Thank you very much for your answer and your excellent site!