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Tricks usable in iPhone 4 but not in iPhone 3G

( Updated on 6th December 2014:  ZeptoLab just released a NEW ver. 1.7 of "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" which is the same as ver. 1.6.x but it has extra ad for new game "My Om Nom". )

( Old article written on 10th December 2013:  "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" ver. 1.6 (for iOS and Android) is basically the same as ver. 1.5.x but it has an Android version this time.  The previous "high-score updating bug" which affects users of older versions is still present, so the following discussions still apply.

The new versions of the "Cut The Rope" games cannot get updated for older iOS devices like iPhone 3G and older generations of iPod Touch because the new versions require iOS ver. 4.3 or newer while older devices like iPhone 3G can only install up to iOS ver. 4.2.1 in them.  Refer to my article: Changes to "Cut The Rope" ver. 2.0, "Cut The Rope: Experiments" ver. 1.5, "Cut The Rope Free" ver. 2.0, etc.

ZeptoLab released ver. 1.5 for "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" 1 year ago which had some changes when compared to the earlier ver. 1.1 released 2 years ago (mentioned in middle of article).  For other changes, please read: "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" ver. 1.5.

The "scrolling animation" bug has been removed starting from ver. 1.4 of "Cut The Rope", so now you cannot get 6,000 pts for Level 2-18.  Moreover, many of the game level designs have been changed, like for levels 2-11, 2-16, etc.  Read the article: Changes to Level Design in "Cut The Rope".

The original version of this article was written when "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.3 was released but most of the discussions below still apply to the latest versions except for "Fabric Box" levels 2-11, 2-16, 2-18 and "Foil Box" levels 3-11, 3-17.  Because last time (on 18 Apr 2011) I emailed the ZeptoLab people (creator of the "Cut The Rope" games) about this "different gameplay" problem, future versions may include changes which affect the gameplay and so some of the differences which I highlight below may change.

Please watch the following YouTube videos of "dntn31" (one of the top scorers) which were recorded using a "jailbroken" iPhone 4 while I explain the differences of the gameplay between iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 3G:

"OLD" Cut the Rope - Fabric Box 2-11: 5810

"dntn31" made a mistake in his introductory screen for the above video, he labelled it wrongly as "Fabric Box Level 15", inside the game screen (lower-left corner) when the game just begins you can see that this is actually the OLD Level 2-11.

Using iPhone 3G you cannot perform the trick above because the ropes in iPhone 4/4S are more "springy" than iPhone 3G.

You also cannot perform the other trick with iPhone 3G for the same OLD Level 2-11 shown in the video below for all "Fabric Box" levels.  If you were to use the trick with iPhone 3G, the candy will either miss 1 star (the top left one) or miss Om Nom's mouth.  There's a 1 or 2 pixel difference to get the trick in the video below to work.

"OLD" Cut The Rope - Fabric Box High Score Walkthrough

For the OLD Level 2-16, you cannot use the video's method with iPhone 3G because you will either miss 1 star (topmost one) or miss Om Nom's mouth.  What I did last time to get the best score with iPhone 3G was to use a slightly slower method, cutting the last 2 ropes in a different order and letting the candy swing around the screw (where there's a spider) and using the air cushion to blow very hard.

The reason for all these differences is that Om Nom can stretch open its mouth slightly wider in iPhone 4/4S than iPhone 3G.

You can see the OLD "scrolling animation" bug in action for Level 2-18 in the video above, created before this bug was removed starting from ver. 1.4 of "Cut The Rope".  This was one of the easiest levels where you could get 6,000 pts.  You can tell the bonus is on because the screen will scroll very differently and some things are hidden from you.  (For Level 3-17 in "Foil Box", to trigger the "bug" was easy and you could get 5,700++ pts easily but the best score was 6,000 pts which was not easy to get.  You had to move the candy at the bottom from right to left faster than Om Nom appeared on the left to get the 6,000 pts.)

Cut The Rope - Holiday Box High Score Walkthrough (for ver. 1.0)

For "Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift", using iPhone 3G you cannot follow the video's tricks for levels 14 and 23.

( New Changes:
The 3 major changes in ver. 1.5 when compared to the earlier ver. 1.1 are:
(1) Level 23 - the "scrolling animation" bug has been fixed, so you cannot get the extra score bonus for this level like in earlier versions.

(2) Level 24 - the starting position of the rotating sock has been changed and you can get a higher score now.

(3) Level 25 - among all the levels in the "Holiday Box" the game level design for this level has been changed the most from the 1st ver. 1.0 to the 2nd ver. 1.1 (it now has a rocket).  In the 3rd ver. 1.5, the level design looks the same as ver. 1.1 but at the start, the candy doesn't swing up and down as forcefully as previously, so you cannot use a high-score trick mentioned below (read on for more details) but surprisingly, you can get very similar scores when using the normal 3-star method because the rocket can move slightly faster now.  More on this later.

The minor changes are:
(1) Previously there was a "restart" bug for this app and it has been fixed.

(2) Now when playing halfway, full-screen ads would appear once in a while asking you to buy the apps.

(3) The number, positions and colours of the dots on the ropes have been changed in many levels.

Om Nom can stretch open its mouth slightly wider in iPhone 4/4S than iPhone 3G, so for Level 14 you cannot use the video's trick for iPhone 3G because after collecting all 3 stars the candy will just miss Om Nom's mouth by a bit.

For Level 23, if you were to use the video's trick with iPhone 3G, the best you can do is to send the candy 1 or 2 pixels off the left edge of the bottom right sock when it drops down after collecting the 3rd star.  You can make the candy fly out fast initially like what is shown in the video but you'll lack a bit of force.  You have to cut 2 ropes initially, the bottom one 1st when the scrolling animation just stops and then the upper rope a fraction of a second later, so that the candy flies out faster than just cutting the lower rope alone.

The iPhone 4/4S trick for Level 23 is the most difficult to perform in the "Holiday Box" among all the tricks shown in the video above.  You have to "shoot out" the candy as quickly as possible (iPhone 3G has less "springy" ropes and lacks a bit of force) and cut the first few ropes at the exact timing for the trick to work successfully, so you may have to try many times just to get 1 successful run.

For those levels with scrolling animation in the beginning, like Level 1-15 of "Cardboard Box" in "Cut The Rope", most of the time you should wait until the scrolling animation is over then you start playing to get the best score, because if you stop the animation too early you'll get a lower score.  I don't know whether this is a "bug" or a "feature", so I don't refer to this as a "bug" in my blog.  ( To stop the animation, just tap anywhere on the screen of the device except the "restart", "pause menu" and "superpower" ("lightning" icon) buttons. )

Although the above can also be called a "bug", the "scrolling animation" bug which I refer to in this blog is a different one.  It was introduced in ver. 1.1 of "Cut The Rope" and removed in ver. 1.4.  When you trigger it, you can "extend" the scrolling animation and the scrolling animation time is deducted from the level completion time, so you can earn extra score bonuses.

To trigger it, you have to satisfy some conditions:
(1) There must be a scrolling animation at the beginning of the level.
(2) At the EXACT end of the animation, you must move the candy in the "opposite" direction of the animation.  The candy may move in other directions for a short while initially but it must quickly move in the opposite direction later.
(3) It must move with enough speed to work.
(4) It must move a certain distance to work.  When I replayed Level 3-11 of "Cut The Rope" multiple times to get 6,000 pts (ONLY workable in vers. 1.1 to 1.3) then I discovered all these conditions.

If you stop the scrolling animation earlier, you'll lose some points but sometimes you need to do this so as to get a higher overall score.  One case is when the candy will be in a bad position if you wait until the scrolling animation is over.  Another case is when you want to "jerk" the candy (it must be moving initially) so that it can move faster with a greater force, doing so allows you to perform some tricks in certain levels, like for the Level 25 in ver. 1.1 of this box as shown below:

Cut the Rope - Holiday Box Updated Level 25: 5240 (for ver. 1.1)

"dntn31" didn't max out his scores in his demo video above.  The rocket can sometimes move faster than usual, so you have to play more times to max out your scores.  Using the video's method, which was the best method last time, I could get 5,360 pts with my old iPhone 3G and for iPhone 4S I didn't try much but I got 5,340 pts previously.

As mentioned earlier, a slight change has been made to this level in the new ver. 1.5 of "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift", so you cannot use the above trick in ver. 1.5 but using the normal 3-star method with my iPhone 4S I could get a similar score of 5,350 pts because the rocket can move slightly faster now.

The normal method is to cut the rightmost rope when scrolling animation just stops, wait to collect the 2 stars on top 1st, let the rocket and candy rotate anti-clockwise some more to enter the top-left red sock, they'll then come out of the bottom-right red sock to collect last star and when the hidden rope grows, wait a while for them to rotate clockwise a bit and then cut the rope to send the candy to Om Nom.

Another method is that after collecting the 2 stars on top, cut the rope fast so that the rocket and candy enter the top-right purple sock, when they come out of the bottom-left purple sock, you have to wait for them to rotate anti-clockwise 1 full circle to collect the last star and send the candy to Om Nom.  This method is slightly slower than the previous one (when the rocket moves at same speed for both) because the total distance travelled is slightly more.

There's a "high-score updating" bug in this ver. 1.5 because my total score for the "Holiday Box" wasn't updated when I checked the "Game Center" after improving my scores in 2 levels, but I saw many new users can post their scores.  Some of my "Game Center" friends seem to have the same problem as me, so this bug may only affect those users who've upgraded from an earlier version.

A good example where you can get very high score by stopping the scrolling animation earlier is in "Magic Box" Level 23 (now 4-23 but it was previously 7-23 in the old box order before ver. 1.6) of "Cut The Rope".  You must be very fast to perform the trick successfully.  As soon as you start the level, you have to stop the scrolling animation very quickly by tapping on the screen, then cut the 2 ropes and pop the bubble very quickly as well.  The candy will then move fast to collect all 3 stars and enter Om Nom's mouth.

Cut the Rope - Valentine Box 6-15 (new level no. is now 5-15): 5490

"Valentine Box" was the 6th box, now changed to 5th box.  You cannot perform the above video's trick shown in the "top portion" of the screen when using iPhone 3G.  You can swing the candy like what is shown in the video but it cannot touch the star (miss by 1 or 2 pixels).  The ropes in iPhone 4 are more "springy" than iPhone 3G.  When I tested with my iPhone 4S, I also could not perform this trick, maybe the initial swinging speed of the candy has been reduced like the "Holiday Box" Level 25 (in ver. 1.5 of "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift") mentioned earlier.

Cut The Rope - Cardboard Box High Score Walkthrough

For Level 1-5 (this is also Level 1-3 for "Cut The Rope Lite", renamed as "Cut The Rope Free" starting from ver. 1.3), using iPhone 3G you cannot cut the 2nd rope on the right like what is shown in the video.  The candy would just miss Om Nom's mouth by 1 or 2 pixels.  Another difference is that to get the best score, for iPhone 3G you have to delay a bit before cutting the 1st rope while for iPhone 4/4S you have to cut the 1st rope as quickly as possible.

For Level 1-11, using iPhone 3G you cannot use the video's method at the last stage, which is to send the candy straight down to Om Nom's mouth after collecting the 3rd star.  The candy would again miss Om Nom's mouth by 1 or 2 pixels.  So for this level iPhone 4/4S can get a higher score than iPhone 3G.

As mentioned earlier, the reason for all these differences is that the ropes are more "springy" and Om Nom can stretch open its mouth slightly wider in iPhone 4/4S than iPhone 3G. But for "Cardboard Box", iPhone 3G still has a small advantage over iPhone 4/4S because there're many levels in this box which involve bubbles and the bubbles rise up faster in iPhone 3G than iPhone 4/4S (read article: Individual Level Top Scores for "Cardboard Box").


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