Thursday, 28 July 2011

"Cut The Rope" version 1.4 Changes

( Updated on 18th Nov 2011:  I named the old bug as "scrolling animation" bug which was introduced in ver. 1.1 of "Cut The Rope" and removed in ver. 1.4 because there's a new bug in ver. 1.5, read NEW "Electric Sparks" Bug in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.5 )

I've just emailed the ZeptoLab staff asking for more information but here is what I discovered:

(1) When using my old iPhone 3G to play, the gameplay is basically still the same BUT I can no longer trigger the "scrolling animation" bug mentioned in my earlier posts.  So you can no longer earn extra score bonuses from it and scores of "6,000 pts" are no longer possible.

(2) I'm not sure when using the other iOS devices, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch (4 generations) or iPad/iPad 2, etc., whether there's any difference or not.  I need a reply from the ZeptoLab staff to know this.  I'm still waiting for iPhone 5 to arrive and because last time I signed up a 2-year contract for my iPhone 3G a bit late, I decided not to upgrade to iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

(3) It means that they should actually reset the scores of the 1st 7 boxes to be fair to the new players.  So far the only 3 boxes where you can't trigger the "scrolling animation" bug are the 1st box "Cardboard Box", 6th box "Valentine Box" and the NEW 8th box "Toy Box".  But last time when using different devices (like between iPhone 3G and iPhone 4) the tricks you could use differ and even when playing in the same way you get different scores for many levels.

(4) I'll update this when I have more information.



  1. Hi David, nice to see you here. I suppose you can read Chinese, so you can discuss with me in Chinese if have an interest.

    Chinese Forum:


    Purple Dream

  2. Hi Purple Dream,

    Yes I can read and write Chinese also but since you also know English, I think it's easier to use English to discuss. I'm only familiar with the "Han Yu Pin Yin" style of inputting Chinese characters and I do it very slowly.

    What differences in gameplay have you found when using iPhone 4 in this new ver. 1.4 ?

    (1) Can you still use the "bug" or "glitch" feature in ver. 1.4 ? I just discovered yesterday that I can't do it anymore in iPhone 3G after I completed the "Toy Box" and replay some of the old box levels.

    (2) I thought your "Perfect Score" for "Cardboard Box" when using iPhone 4 is 141,650 pts. I just saw that you increased it by 10 pts to 141,660 pts. Did you miss the 10 pts last time or you can only do it this time in ver. 1.4 ??

    The iPhone 5 took so long to arrive, I thought a new iPhone model comes out every year during June/July.

    I also just discovered that they changed the level design for some levels again. The 1st time they changed 5 Cosmic Box levels in ver. 1.2 to simplify them, now in ver. 1.4 they changed a few more levels in Fabric Box, Gift Box, etc. I'll update this later here.



  3. My English is not good actually.

    (1) I can't use the "bug" or "glitch" feature in ver. 1.4 any more.

    (2) I can only get 141660 pts in ver. 1.4. Level 1-23 is a bit different now, I can improve 10 pts on this level. Maybe you can also improve 10 pts on your iPhone 3G.

  4. I've reported this to ZeptoLab also. Actually your English is already very good. :)


    I visited your Chinese blog and it's very interesting but I think it takes too long to download on a slow internet connection. Maybe you should split that single page into 8 different pages for the 8 boxes.

  5. Thank you for your suggestion. Maybe I will do it later.