Friday, 29 July 2011

No more "Scrolling Animation" Bug in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.4

( Updated on 18th Nov 2011:  I named the old bug as "scrolling animation" bug which was introduced in ver. 1.1 of "Cut The Rope" and removed in ver. 1.4 because there's a new bug in ver. 1.5, read NEW "Electric Sparks" Bug in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.5 )

"Purple Dream" (using iPhone 4) replied saying that he/she also cannot trigger the "scrolling animation" bug in the new ver. 1.4 of "Cut The Rope".  I also can't do it using iPhone 3G.

Another thing is that he/she discovered something different in Level 1-23, so he/she could increase his/her previous best score for the simplest category "Cardboard Box" by 10 pts.

Now I don't have time to replay the old box levels yet, I'll report here if I find anything different.

All of you can directly email ZeptoLab also and report anything different if you find them.  Their email address is:




  1. I'm disappointed by all the changes in the game that make the best scores unreachable now. I didn't actually play this game for high scores until recently and now I'm seeing I will never be able to catch up with the top players :(

    Most of the levels in the fabric box has been changed in the new version which definitely reduces the best total.

    I am pretty sure something has been changed in 1-21 because my best score is 5480, thus I'm 20 points ahead of Purple Dream in the Cardboard Box on iP4 (even if I don't deserve it because I knew what was the best score possible).

    I never played this game on 3G, so I wonder how you can have 100 points more on this box. In which level ? Is there a list with top scores in each level ?

    I find this blog very precise and thorough, it's really great, thanks!

  2. Hi,

    There was a forum hosted in another website previously (now shut down) and I remember from the postings I read (some posts by "dntn31"), that there's some difference in the way you pop bubbles in iPhone 3G and iPhone 4, so for those levels where you have to pop bubbles, iPhone 3G can gain a slight advantage like 10 or 20 pts more.

    From the Chinese blog of "Purple Dream", she said that the bubbles rise faster in iPhone 3G than iPhone 4. I'm not very sure about this.

    In iPhone 4, at least in versions 1.1 to 1.3, the air cushions were more powerful and the ropes were more "springy" and forceful than iPhone 3G.

    So for some levels, iPhone 3G can get higher scores while for others, the reverse happens.

    Due to the differences, we can only use certain tricks and techniques in certain devices. Many levels in many boxes are affected.

    I wrote an email on 18 Apr 2011 to ZeptoLab asking them to calibrate properly for all devices in future (read my earlier posts and the comments in them). I was surprised the other top players knew about the differences and didn't feedback to ZeptoLab.

    I think the game testers of ZeptoLab didn't know how to trigger the "bug" feature properly also, so they didn't know about it. :)

    It's ONLY present in versions 1.1 to 1.3 of "Cut The Rope" (in ver. 1.0 there's NO scrolling animation) and it's missing in ver. 1.4 now. You have to satisfy 4 conditions for it to work:
    (1) There must be a scrolling animation at the beginning of the level.
    (2) At the EXACT end of the animation, you must move the candy in the opposite direction of the animation. A bit of slanting still works.
    (3) It must move with enough speed to work.
    (4) It must move a certain distance to work. When I replayed Level 3-11 multiple times to get 6,000 pts then I discovered all these conditions.

    With the "bug" feature missing, all the boxes except the 1st "Cardboard", 6th "Valentine" and 8th "Toy" boxes will definitely have their total achievable scores dropping by a lot.

    Another thing is that we use many other techniques to boost our scores in addition to the "bug" feature.


  3. I forgot 1 more thing. "dntn31" mentioned that Om Nom's mouth is wider in iPhone 4 than iPhone 3G, that's why some tricks which can work in iPhone 4 don't work in iPhone 3G (the candy would just miss Om Nom's mouth by 1 or 2 pixels).