Thursday, 28 July 2011

Very busy recently, got 3 games to play. :)

(1) "Cut The Rope" just released ver. 1.4 with a new "Toy Box".  Read my next post on the changes to the gameplay.

(2) "Feed Me Oil" has a new "Chapter 4: The Rainbow" and I still haven't really completed all the levels in it yet.  Moreover, I've lost my old high scores when I deleted and reinstalled the app (I encountered an app loading problem after I cleared the iPhone's cache).  To recover the old scores would take a long time because there're quite many levels which need time to max out the scores.  And this game gives you random scores like "Angry Birds".

(3) "Angry Birds" released World 15 which I still haven't played and now World 16 just came out.

So I don't have time to post anything useful here for the time being.  Sorry for that.


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