Tuesday, 2 August 2011

More Changes to Level Design: Levels 1-21 & 1-23

( Note:  For the changes in other boxes of "Cut The Rope", read: Changes to Level Design in "Cut The Rope". )

"Purple Dream" told me something has changed in Level 1-23 and he/she could increase 10 pts for this level when using iPhone 4.  I just discovered that I could do it also when using iPhone 3G.  Another player "Kopalexis" reported that "Purple Dream" may have missed 20 pts in Level 1-21.  After comparing the "old" level designs (I used the photos posted by "Purple Dream" in his/her Chinese forum) with the "new" level designs (I took the photos using my own iPhone), I finally know the real reasons.  :)

(1) Level 1-21
"Old" Level 1-21

"New" Level 1-21

The position of 1 star has been changed.  When using iPhone 3G, I can improve by 10 pts while iPhone 4 player "Kopalexis" reported improving by 20 pts.  iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 players used different methods to play this level previously due to the different gameplay problem (caused by the device differences I think).

(2) Level 1-23
"Old" Level 1-23

"New" Level 1-23

The candy has been shifted lower and the bubble shifted higher in the "new" design.  You have to observe carefully to see the slight changes.  Both iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 players can improve by 10 pts.



  1. I didn't use the new method on Level 1-21 before, so it doesn't mean it is only achievable in ver. 1.4. Maybe I missed 20 pts on this level before...