Monday, 1 August 2011

"Toy Box" Leaderboard Top Scores (1st Aug 2011)

( Updated on 30th Apr 2012:  Unfortunately, the scores for 3 boxes "Cosmic", "Valentine" and "Toy" have been "mixed up" when the order of boxes was changed in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.6 (read: Changes to Order of Boxes in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.6), so you cannot really compare the scores for these 3 boxes now because some players have replayed the levels in them, resulting in higher scores than usual.  Read article: NEW "Score Mixup" Bug in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.6. )

Cut The Rope's "Toy Box" Global Leaderboard (Screenshot 1 of  2)

Cut The Rope's "Toy Box" Global Leaderboard (Screenshot 2 of  2)

Someone asked me what are the current top scores of the latest "Toy Box" so here it is.

"Purple Dream" is using iPhone 4 while I'm using iPhone 3G (waiting for the new iPhone), so our "perfect scores" may be different.  It's just a coincidence that our scores for this box and "Valentine Box" are very similar.

Based on the scores we're getting for "Cardboard Box", which is the easiest box to aim for "perfect score", the gameplay for both iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 is still the same as last time (both devices still have the same differences like last time).

Many of the game level designs have been changed, and I think they're doing this so as to narrow the gap of the score difference caused by the different gameplay problem.  I was hoping that they calibrate the gameplay instead so that it's 100% identical for all devices, at least for all the iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).  Now when we compare scores it's like comparing apples with oranges.  :-)

( New changes to top scores for "Cardboard Box", both in iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. )

Last time in vers. 1.1 to 1.3, the "Best Score" for the "Cardboard Box" was 141,770 pts for iPhone 3G and 141,650 pts for iPhone 4.

In ver. 1.4, the total score achievable for the "Cardboard Box" has been increased due to some changes in the level designs.  In Level 1-21, the position of 1 star has been changed while in Level 1-23, the positions of the candy and bubble have been changed slightly (read my next post for more details).

So now in ver. 1.4, the top scores for "Cardboard Box" are:
(1) 141,790 pts using iPhone 3G ("davidgoh").

( Updated on 23rd Oct 2011:  The iPhone 4 top score should be 141,700 pts in vers. 1.4 and 1.5.  Read the article: Individual Level Top Scores for "Cardboard Box" )

(2) 141,680 pts (true when article was written) using iPhone 4 ("Purple Dream" and "Kopalexis").

For some boxes like "Cardboard Box", iPhone 3G has an advantage over iPhone 4/4S but for others like "Magic Box" and "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift", iPhone 4/4S has an advantage, etc.  We have to use different tricks and methods in some levels and even when playing in the same way we can get different scores.

When you compare iPhone 3G with iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3G has a slight advantage of 10 pts or more when dealing with bubbles because bubbles rise up faster, while iPhone 4/4S has more "springy" ropes and Om Nom can stretch open its mouth slightly wider.  So certain tricks and techniques can only work in certain devices.



  1. It seems iPhone 3G has advantages on Toy Box. As the bubbles rise faster on iPhone 3G than iPhone 4, you can get higher scores on some levels. For example, the best score on Level 8-2 on iPhone 4 is 5600, while the best score on iPhone 3G is 5620 or 5630. And it seems no menthods only achievable on iPhone 4 on this box, so the best scores on iPhone 3G are higher than on iPhone 4. Perhaps you missed some faster menthods or didn't do the best on some levels.

  2. For this box, iPhone 3G may have a slight advantage over iPhone 4 like what you said (for 8-2 I got 5620 pts). iPhone 3G has advantage when dealing with bubbles but iPhone 4 has more powerful air cushions and more "springy" ropes.

    The rebounding forces (from the tightened ropes and the rebounding platforms) are greater in iPhone 4 I think, so the candy may move faster when it rebounds.

    (I mentioned the score differences below in my article "Tricks Usable in iPhone 4 but not in iPhone 3G".)
    This is based on the observation that for levels like 1-2 and 1-24 in "Cut The Rope", and the Level 18 in "Cut The Rope:Holiday Gift", iPhone 4 can get higher scores than iPhone 3G when playing in the same way.

    The iPhone 3G best scores for 1-2 and 1-24 in "Cut The Rope" are 5610 and 5920, for iPhone 4 they're 10 pts higher at 5620 and 5930 respectively. For the Level 18 of "Holiday" box, the difference is 40 pts or more, for iPhone 3G the best score is 5740 and for iPhone 4, "dntn31" got 5780 (you may get the same or higher).

    Besides these, I notice that in the "Valentine Box", for some levels where you have to swing the candy and let it rebound from tightened ropes, my best scores are about 10 pts lower (ibulae and you posted some scores when I read the forum posts last time).

    Overall I think iPhone 3G still has a slight advantage in this box than iPhone 4. My scores are only near-perfect but I think I can only add a little more. "dntn31" uses both iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 to play and if you look at his scores, you would know that I've tried hard to match your scores.

    I was hoping that ZeptoLab would calibrate properly for ALL devices (at least for all kinds of iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) so that next time when we upgrade to iPhone 5, etc. we don't have such problems again.

    Otherwise now when we compare scores it's like comparing apples with oranges. :)

  3. So, I recently started high scoring this game and I have managed to get a score of 141,690 on the cardboard box using an iPhone 4. I suspect that Purple Dream and Kopalexis are missing 10 points on either 1-18, where I have 5,800 or on 1-23, where I have 5,620.
    Could also be due to a difference in v1.4 and v1.5, dunno.

  4. Raif, can you confirm whether you're using the new iPhone 4S or the old iPhone 4 ? I still haven't got my iPhone 4S yet and last time I didn't upgrade to iPhone 4.

    Even for iPhone 4, there're 2 versions; the older type and the new "white" iPhone 4. Can you specify the exact iPhone type you have ?

    I'll write an article on this now.

  5. The old one. An iPhone 4 GSM 16GB Black, to be exact.

    I can also confirm that the gameplay for Cut The Rope HD on iPad (1st Gen) is pretty much the same as iPhone 4, atleast for the Cardboard Box.

    There is a small difference in 1-15 where it won't allow me to cut the rope at the bottom as early as I can on iPhone 4, perhaps because the screen is bigger. The best score for iPad (1st Gen) on 1-15 seems to 5200 or 5210 compared to the iPhone 4's 5230. (Haven't tested it that well yet.)

    On all the other levels of Cardboard Box the best scores for Cut The Rope (iPhone 4) and Cut The Rope HD (iPad 1) seem to be same, even though I haven't managed to get the same score as iPhone 4 in most of the levels yet. I have a score of 5560 in Cardboard Box for Cut The Rope HD, which is currently the highest. (Yeah, the boxes seem to be very underplayed on the iPad)

  6. I just bought a new iPhone 4S a few days ago and it seems to get identical scores as iPhone 4. After some testing I have to correct some of my previous comments in my blog:

    (1) There's not much difference when you compare the blowing strength of the air cushions. Sometimes iPhone 3G can't perform the iPhone 4/4S tricks because the ropes are more "springy" and Om Nom's mouth is slightly wider in iPhone 4/4S than iPhone 3G.

    (2) Please ignore my above comments on the score difference for Level 18 of the "Holiday" Box (between iPhone 3G and iPhone 4) because when I just replayed this level using iPhone 3G and iPhone 4S in the newly released "Cut The Rope:Holiday Gift" ver. 1.1, I discovered that I can get very similar scores now.