Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Om Nom Drawings in "Cut The Rope Free"

( Updated on 22nd April 2015:  The Om Nom Drawings shown below are for "Cut The Rope Free" ver. 2.4.5 (iOS platform's FREE version).  There're only 3 drawings so far like in earlier versions but the location for 1 drawing has been changed ever since ver. 2.3.6 because there're only 8 levels each in "Cardboard Box" and "Fabric Box" now instead of 9 levels !)

Some Android players were confused by this article.  For the Android platform, many apps like "Cut The Rope" and "Angry Birds" have FREE versions but these come with ads.  However these free versions have the same number of levels as the paid versions (without ads).

But for the iOS platform, the so-called FREE versions like the "Cut The Rope Free" mentioned below have very few levels in them.  There're only 8 levels in "Cardboard Box" and 8 levels in "Fabric Box" for the iOS version's "Cut The Rope Free".

So Android users playing the FREE version of "Cut The Rope" should read (1) below and not this article.

(1) For the "Om Nom Drawings" in the full version of the original "Cut The Rope" game "Cut The Rope" ver. 2.5, please read the article "Locations of Om Nom Drawings" (21 drawings to be found).

(2) For the "Om Nom Drawings" in "Cut The Rope: Experiments" (ver. 1.7.3), please read the article Om Nom Drawings in "Cut The Rope: Experiments".

(3) "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" (ver. 1.1 up to 1.7) (FREE app) does not have this type of drawings but it has an interesting "greeting card" creation feature, read NEW "Greeting Card" Feature in "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift".

Om Nom Drawings in "Cut The Rope Free" ver. 2.4.5 (1 of 2)

Om Nom Drawings in "Cut The Rope Free" ver. 2.4.5 (2 of 2)

Drawing Location in Level 1-4 of "Cut The Rope Free"

Drawing Location in Level 2-3 of "Cut The Rope Free"

Please look at the 4 screenshots above.  Just tap on the circled region inside the game level for 1-4 and 2-3 to get the drawing.  The drawings can only be found once.

For the drawing which I labelled with "f" in the 1st screenshot, you have to tap on an "f" icon at that location, then tap on a "Like" button inside a message (they only appear before you get the drawing) and log in your Facebook account.  Actually you don't need to own a Facebook account or successfully log in a Facebook account to get the drawing, but this may change in future versions.


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