Friday, 18 November 2011

I just got my iPhone 4S ! :-)

( Updated on 12th Dec 2011:  I just discovered that the NEW versions of "Angry Birds" and "Angry Birds Free" can give me "Game Center" achievements" for my NEW iPhone 4S player account BUT "Angry Birds" cannot give me the "Crystal" achievements, so in future whenever I play "Angry Birds" and "Feed Me Oil" on my iPhone 4S I would have to switch my "Crystal" player name to the old "davidgoh" name so as to gain "Crystal" achievements.  Only for the "Cut The Rope" games would I use different "Crystal" player names. )

I've just bought a new iPhone 4S and after choosing the "Restore from Backup" option in iTunes, I changed the name of the device and reset ALL the scores in my iPhone 4S for my "Cut The Rope" games, including "Cut The Rope", "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift", "Cut The Rope Lite" and "Cut The Rope: Experiments", because I don't want to get my scores "mixed".

After some testing on the "Cardboard Box" levels in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.5, I discovered that the iPhone 4S scores are the same as the iPhone 4 scores (I checked with the iPhone 4 scores in: Individual Level Top Scores for "Cardboard Box" ).

Initially in "Game Center", I tried applying for both names "davidgoh" and "David Goh" but found that they had already been taken up by some other people, so I had to use another name.

I created a NEW player name "davidgoh iPhone4S" in both "Crystal" and "Game Center" for my new iPhone 4S.  I also applied for "Multi-SIM" with my telephone company so that I can still use my old iPhone 3G to post new scores for my old "davidgoh" account in "Crystal".

For the 2 other games which I play ("Feed Me Oil" and "Angry Birds") which don't have the "different gameplay" problem (initially "Feed Me Oil" had some similar problems but they were fixed in ver. 1.2), I didn't reset the scores.  ( Actually I also play other games like "Angry Birds Lite" (only supports "Crystal" unlike the following 3 which only support "Game Center"), "Angry Birds Free", "Angry Birds Seasons Free" and "Angry Birds Rio Free" but I only play through them very quickly, except for "Angry Birds Lite" where I spent some effort.  I'll play the full versions of "Angry Birds Seasons" and "Angry Birds Rio" in future when I have the time. )

When I accessed the "Game Center" for these 2 games, I discovered that "Game Center" could display my old scores using the new name "davidgoh iPhone4S" but the achievements were all shown as zeroes.  When I accessed "Crystal", only "Angry Birds" showed up my new player name together with my old one (both with the same scores but the new one had 0% "Crystal" achievements), while for "Feed Me Oil" things were different because the scores appeared as "n/a", so my new player name didn't appear in the "Crystal" leaderboards.

Actually I bought "Cut The Rope: Experiments" long time ago on 5th Aug 2011 but I only played for 2 to 3 hours using my old iPhone 3G because I couldn't post or view scores in the "Game Center" (unless I "jailbreak" it), and it doesn't support "Crystal" leaderboards.

So the next thing I have to do would be to play this game and replay "Cut The Rope" using my new iPhone 4S.  It'll take me a lot of time to max out the scores, so I may not be able to write new articles here for some time.  Also, in the next few weeks I won't have time for other games like "Feed Me Oil" and "Angry Birds", etc.


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