Thursday, 10 November 2011

NEW "Electric Sparks" Bug in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.5

( Updated on 21st Dec 2011:  This bug has been fixed in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.6. )

Cut the Rope - Foil Box 3-14: 5730

Please watch the newly created video by "dntn31" (one of the top scorers in the game). It was him who informed me of this NEW bug in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.5.

From the video (at the last stage), you can see that the candy can "pass through" the "electric sparks", which was not possible in the older versions of the game.  This "bug" will only occur under certain conditions but it occurs quite frequently.

I'm sorry that I didn't discover and report this bug earlier.  I think some other players have already discovered and made use of it to boost their scores from the 3rd box "Foil Box" onwards, because the "electric sparks" feature first appears in Level 3-14 of "Foil Box".

I can confirm that this bug ONLY occurs in the latest ver. 1.5 because when ver. 1.4 came out, I spent time replaying some of the old box levels before and I didn't encounter such things.  I was too busy playing another game "Feed Me Oil" recently, so I didn't spend time replaying the old box levels except for "Cardboard Box" which doesn't have "electric sparks".

It doesn't mean that you can increase your scores for all levels which have "electric sparks" due to the presence of this bug, because for many levels there's a short delay before the first "electric sparks" appear and if you can play fast enough to move the candy past the locations of the "electric sparks", then you cannot increase your scores further.  But for those players who couldn't play fast enough last time to avoid the first occurrence of the "electric sparks", then they will be able to increase their scores by a lot.

Cut the Rope - Foil Box 3-19: 5560

A good example is Level 3-19 as shown in the above video created by "dntn31".

I think most players can increase their scores now due to the new bug, but some of us (like me) already got the best score for it (5,590 pts for iPhone 3G). It was one of the difficult levels last time if you want to get the best score, because either I get 5,590 pts or I get a much lower score in versions earlier than 1.5 (without the new bug).

( New Tip:  Use a "strong" finger to press air cushions if you need maximum speed. )

Last time I had to use a "strong" finger (my right index finger or any of my 2 middle fingers) to play this level so that I could get the higher score of 5,590 pts because when I used a weaker finger like my left index finger, I couldn't press the air cushion fast enough to avoid the first occurrence of the "electric sparks".  You had to press the air cushion twice, the first time lightly to swing the candy a bit and the second time with a stronger force so that the candy could swing and "just touch" the 1st star, then you cut the ropes very quickly to send it to Om Nom's mouth.  If you're slower by a little bit, the candy will hit the "electric sparks".  I had to try very hard to get the best score for this level last time.

Now even though you can delay a bit because the candy is not afraid of the "electric sparks" under some conditions, you'll get a slightly lower score.

Due to the presence of this bug, I managed to get:

(1) 150 pts extra for Level 3-14 (shown in 1st video of this article), from 5,580 to 5,730 pts for iPhone 3G (I haven't got my iPhone 4S yet, the
scores should be quite similar for other iOS devices for this level),

(2) 10 pts extra for Level 3-18, from 5,570 to 5,580 pts (I already played using a fast method previously),

Cut the Rope - Foil Box 3-18: 5520

Last time I already used a fast method similar to the video created by "dntn31" above but I had to park the candy just off the left edge of the "electric sparks", now I can let the candy touch the "electric sparks" without problems.

(3) 10 pts extra for Level 3-23, from 5,430 to 5,440 pts.

Cut the Rope - Foil Box 3-23: 5410

( Note:  "dntn31" didn't max out the scores in most of his demo videos. )

For Level 3-23, I discovered that I could cut the 2nd rope (bottom right one) very quickly now (last time I had to delay a bit) because of the new bug, that's why I could improve by 10 pts.

There're many more levels where you can improve your scores due to this new bug.  I'm just showing a few examples here.


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