Saturday, 19 November 2011

NEW "Greeting Card" Feature in "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift"

( Updated on 6th December 2014:  ZeptoLab just released a new ver. 1.7 which is the same as ver. 1.6.x but it has extra ad for new game "My Om Nom", ver. 1.6.x is basically the same as ver. 1.5.x but it has an Android version this time, for more details please read the articles: "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" ver. 1.5 and Tricks usable in iPhone 4 but not in iPhone 3G.

The original article was written for the earlier ver. 1.1 (the version no. jumps from 1.1 to 1.5), so the screenshot for Step 1 below was for the old one which still has support for "Crystal" leaderboards and achievements.  Below is the new "main menu" screenshot (compare the bottom left corner of both):

No Crystal Support (bottom left corner) for "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" ver. 1.5

3 NEW Items Added on the right: (1) Yellow Star, (2) 3D Glasses and (3) Spider

3 NEW items for the "greeting card" creation feature have been added in ver. 1.5 when compared to the earlier ver. 1.1 as shown above.

Previously I forgot to mention something.  The order in which you drag out the items from the menu below is important.  For example, in the above case, you have to drag out the "Om Nom" item from the menu below 1st followed by the "3D Glasses" so that the glasses will appear on top of Om Nom's face.

(1) Select "Greeting Card" (snow flakes appear when shaking device)

(2) You can change the background (choose "Cancel" for the default)

(3) Just drag and drop the items from below (select "tick" when done)

(4) I selected "Save" option to save final creation in my photo album  :)

There's an interesting "greeting card" creation feature in "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" as shown in the above 4 screenshots.


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