Thursday, 28 July 2011

"Cut The Rope" version 1.4 Changes

( Updated on 18th Nov 2011:  I named the old bug as "scrolling animation" bug which was introduced in ver. 1.1 of "Cut The Rope" and removed in ver. 1.4 because there's a new bug in ver. 1.5, read NEW "Electric Sparks" Bug in "Cut The Rope" ver. 1.5 )

I've just emailed the ZeptoLab staff asking for more information but here is what I discovered:

(1) When using my old iPhone 3G to play, the gameplay is basically still the same BUT I can no longer trigger the "scrolling animation" bug mentioned in my earlier posts.  So you can no longer earn extra score bonuses from it and scores of "6,000 pts" are no longer possible.

(2) I'm not sure when using the other iOS devices, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch (4 generations) or iPad/iPad 2, etc., whether there's any difference or not.  I need a reply from the ZeptoLab staff to know this.  I'm still waiting for iPhone 5 to arrive and because last time I signed up a 2-year contract for my iPhone 3G a bit late, I decided not to upgrade to iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

(3) It means that they should actually reset the scores of the 1st 7 boxes to be fair to the new players.  So far the only 3 boxes where you can't trigger the "scrolling animation" bug are the 1st box "Cardboard Box", 6th box "Valentine Box" and the NEW 8th box "Toy Box".  But last time when using different devices (like between iPhone 3G and iPhone 4) the tricks you could use differ and even when playing in the same way you get different scores for many levels.

(4) I'll update this when I have more information.


Very busy recently, got 3 games to play. :)

(1) "Cut The Rope" just released ver. 1.4 with a new "Toy Box".  Read my next post on the changes to the gameplay.

(2) "Feed Me Oil" has a new "Chapter 4: The Rainbow" and I still haven't really completed all the levels in it yet.  Moreover, I've lost my old high scores when I deleted and reinstalled the app (I encountered an app loading problem after I cleared the iPhone's cache).  To recover the old scores would take a long time because there're quite many levels which need time to max out the scores.  And this game gives you random scores like "Angry Birds".

(3) "Angry Birds" released World 15 which I still haven't played and now World 16 just came out.

So I don't have time to post anything useful here for the time being.  Sorry for that.