Tuesday, 10 April 2012

"Cut The Rope Lite" Renamed as "Cut The Rope Free" in App Store

( Updated on 26th October 2012:  A new ver. 2.0 of "Cut The Rope Free" was just released and there're only very minor changes in it, read: Changes to "Cut The Rope" ver. 2.0, "Cut The Rope: Experiments" ver. 1.5, "Cut The Rope Free" ver. 2.0, etc.

But it requires that the iOS device has a more recent iOS version installed (at least iOS ver. 5.x I think) for the new update to be installed successfully when you sync with iTunes.  Older iOS devices like iPhone 3G which can only install an iOS version up till iOS ver. 4.2.1 would not be able to upgrade to this new update.  This also applies to older generations of iPod Touch. )

The FREE app "Cut The Rope Lite" (only 18 levels, 9 in "Cardboard Box" and 9 in "Fabric Box") has been renamed as "Cut The Rope Free" in the App Store starting from ver. 1.3 (just released on 10th Apr 2012).

Actually the name was already changed quite a while ago in "Crystal" because when I received friend requests from "Crystal", the app was named as "Cut The Rope Free" in the notification email.

There're only very minor changes in ver. 1.3.  The gameplay differences between iPhone 3G and iPhone 4/4S are still present and remain unchanged.

Another thing is that from the comments in the Facebook page of "Cut The Rope", new levels for the full version of "Cut The Rope" should be out soon.


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