Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Gameplay Differences for the iOS Devices

( Updated on 18th September 2012:  I discovered some of the gameplay differences with the help of "dntn31" (he used iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 but he also played a bit with iPad long time ago), "mohamedraif" (he used iPhone 4 and iPad), "henbeibi" (he used iPhone 4) and "Gregor Fran" (he used iPhone 4 and iPad 2).  Thanks to all of them ! )

I wrote a related article long time ago, read: Gameplay of "Cut The Rope" is slightly different for different devices.

Currently, there're all sorts of differences among the various iOS devices, which makes it difficult to compare scores or to discuss game techniques.  Due to the slight differences in game physics, some game techniques can only work for certain devices and even when playing in the same way, you can get different scores when using different devices.

(1) Differences between iPhone 3G and iPhone 4/4S

You can see the score differences between the best scores of iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 in the article: Individual Level Top Scores for "Cardboard Box".  The advantage of iPhone 3G over iPhone 4/4S is that bubbles rise up faster while the advantages of iPhone 4/4S over iPhone 3G are that the ropes are more "springy" and Om Nom can stretch open its mouth slightly wider.

(2) Differences between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

For some levels, both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S can get the same scores but iPhone 4 has 2 types of advantages over iPhone 4S:

The 1st type is that iPhone 4 can trigger the "scrolling animation" bug in a few more levels than iPhone 4S for "Cut The Rope: Experiments".  For "Cut The Rope", this bug was removed ever since ver. 1.4 (read: Score System in the "Cut The Rope" Games).

The 2nd type is that certain tools/objects like ropes, hats, socks, bouncing pads, shooting guns, suction cups, moving spikes, etc. seem to be slightly stronger, move slightly faster or help move the candy slightly faster in iPhone 4 than iPhone 4S.  For some levels, this small difference in game physics can give iPhone 4 a small advantage of 10 pts or more.

There could be some more differences for the other iOS devices like iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 1G to 4G, iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad, etc.

(3) Differences between "SD" (iPhone/iPod Touch) and "HD" (iPad) versions

According to both "mohamedraif" (using iPad) and "Gregor Fran" (using iPad 2), for those levels with a short scrolling animation in the beginning, like Level 1-15 in "Cut The Rope", you'll get a lower score for the "HD" (iPad) version when compared to the "SD" (iPhone/iPod Touch) version, about 30 pts for each level.  This is because the "HD" version has a slightly wider screen than the "SD" version.

I used to assume that the "HD" version cannot trigger the "scrolling animation" bug because last time "dntn31" reported that when using iPad, you couldn't trigger this bug in "Cut The Rope HD" when you could trigger it using iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, etc. in the old versions 1.1 to 1.3 of "Cut The Rope" (the "SD" version).  But recently "Gregor Fran" told me that when using iPad 2, he could trigger this bug in Level 6-12 of "Cut The Rope: Experiments HD".  For more details regarding this bug, please read: Score System in the "Cut The Rope" Games.

Until all the differences have been fixed, ZeptoLab should not have introduced a feature called "iCloud Sync" in the games because this may "mix up" the scores for all the devices (supporting iOS5 or above) that a user owns.



  1. Hey! Have you ever considered playing Catch The Princess? It is a "genre experiment" based off of CTR. I've currently been in first place since the day after I got it, by far. No load time, mechanics are a little different, but nonetheless hours of fun. My first play through scored me 1,501,000~ overall. Which put me in 2nd or 3rd place ha! Competition isn't as fierce as Cardboard Box. There are only about 10,100 people versus 9,682,000 people

  2. Thanks for the suggestion but I don't have time to play more games. I also play other games besides all the "Cut The Rope" games.

    For the other games I play, I spent the most time in "Angry Birds" (Original) and "Feed Me Oil". I also have "Angry Birds Space", "Where's My Water ?", "Bejeweled", etc. but I don't have much time to play them.

    All the "Cut The Rope" games are very interesting and well-written apps but there's a serious flaw in them (the "different gameplay" problem) and the developers have to solve this sooner or later. I already told them this problem more than 1 year ago (on 18 Apr 2011) and probably because only a few chaps highlighted this problem to them and that it's a difficult problem to solve, they don't seem very eager to solve it and it's rather disappointing.