Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Celebration

( NEW Update:  ZeptoLab just released the following video named "Halloween Special (Episode 5, Cut the Rope)":

At the end of the video, there's a question asking you to find a "hidden star" in it.  I've included this as a puzzle under Puzzles and you can view the answer in Answers.  Another thing is that because Halloween has just arrived, ZeptoLab decided to release Episode 5 of Om Nom Stories ahead of Episodes 2 to 4.

Sneak Peek of Special Halloween Episode of "Om Nom Stories"

ZeptoLab will be releasing a NEW episode of Om Nom Stories to celebrate Halloween.  The above screenshot was taken from it.  If you're impatient, you can visit the Facebook page of "Cut The Rope" for the latest news update.

Some of the Best Om Nom Pumpkin Carvings for Halloween created by fans

Some of the artistic fans submitted photos of their Om Nom pumpkin carvings for Halloween and the above were selected by ZeptoLab as the best.


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