Saturday, 29 December 2012

Episode 10 (Robo Friend) of Om Nom Stories

Om Nom Stories: Episode 10 (Robo Friend) Screenshot

Production Sketch from the making of Om Nom Stories (Scene 17, Panel 2)

In Episode 10 of Om Nom Stories, Om Nom met a mysterious robot:

The last part of the video is quite cute.  Again, if you can't find the "hidden star", you can check out the Answers page.  I've placed this and other interesting puzzles related to Om Nom in the Puzzles page (now has 12 puzzles, 10 video puzzles for the "hidden stars" in the 10 episodes of Om Nom Stories and 2 old picture puzzles).

* Note *

Some people who play the new game "Pudding Monsters" (by ZeptoLab, creator of the "Cut The Rope" games) don't know that they can earn "crowns" in the game.  You may want to read the following:

"Pudding Monsters" Game Guide (Part 1)  (Introduction, Episodes 1 and 2)

"Pudding Monsters" Game Guide (Part 2)  (Episode 3: "cloning machine", "eye", etc.)


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