Wednesday, 11 January 2012

NEW Web version of "Cut The Rope"

( Updated on 31st January 2013:  Recently ZeptoLab ported the "Google Chrome" version of "Cut The Rope" introduced in June 2012 to the "Facebook" platform.  You can play these versions for FREE just like the version mentioned below.  There're 4 boxes currently for the "Facebook" and "Google Chrome" versions (9 levels each initially but the "Google Chrome" version later increased to 12 levels for each box), the 1st 2 boxes "Cardboard" and "Fabric" are the same as the version mentioned below while the 3rd and 4th boxes are "Toy" and "Magic". )

There's a FREE HTML5 version of "Cut the Rope" at:

You need a new browser which supports HTML5 to play the game, like Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.  When I tried with IE8 and an older version of Mozilla Firefox, a message appeared asking me to use a newer browser, and it recommended that I used the latest version of IE.  The advantage of using IE9 over the other browsers is that you can play 7 EXTRA levels by pinning the game to the Windows 7 task bar to unlock the levels.

Currently there're only 18 levels (7 more when using IE9) in this web version, 9 for "Cardboard Box" and 9 for "Fabric Box".  It's similar to "Cut The Rope Lite" (renamed as "Cut The Rope Free" starting from ver. 1.3) for the iOS devices but a few levels are different, and the gameplay is a bit different when using the mouse.  There's no leaderboard by the way but you can see the score after playing.

You can look at some of the screenshots below:

Start Screen of "Cut The Rope" Web version

Main Menu of "Cut The Rope" Web version

Cardboard Box 1st Level (the playing screen area is wider, as shown above)

I think they may add more boxes and levels in future, or they're creating this free web version so that more people can try out this game before deciding on buying the full version.