Thursday, 22 November 2012

"Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" ver. 1.5

( Updated on 6th December 2012:  ZeptoLab just released a new ver. 1.5.1 for "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" to fix some minor bugs. )

"Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" disappeared from the Apple iTunes App Store for a long time but it's suddenly back now for a limited time !

Like the previous versions, the new ver. 1.5 is still a FREE app and the same download is for all the iOS devices: iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.

Besides adding iPhone 5 graphics support, the important NEW changes would be:

(1) Stopped supporting "Crystal" leaderboards and achievements like for "Cut The Rope" and "Cut The Rope Free", now there is only "Game Center" support.  Refer to my previous article: Changes to "Cut The Rope" ver. 2.0, "Cut The Rope: Experiments" ver. 1.5, "Cut The Rope Free" ver. 2.0, etc.

(2) A NEW video viewing feature has been added inside the app which allows you to watch the Om Nom Stories videos.  View the screenshots below:

"Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift" ver. 1.5 "Cartoons" Menu

"Cartoons" Feature allows Viewing of "Om Nom Stories"

(3) 3 NEW items have been added to the "greeting card" creation feature when compared to the previous ver. 1.1, read my updated article: NEW "Greeting Card" Feature in "Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift".

(4) There're some small changes to the levels in the "Holiday Box" (total of 25 levels like previously), for more details you can read my updated article: Tricks usable in iPhone 4 but not in iPhone 3G.

(5) Cannot get updated for older iOS devices like iPhone 3G and older generations of iPod Touch because the new version requires iOS ver. 4.3 or newer while older devices like iPhone 3G can only install up to iOS ver. 4.2.1 in them.