Wednesday, 10 April 2013

"Cut The Rope: Time Travel" (New Game) Coming Soon !

( Updated on 17th April 2013:  ZeptoLab just posted the following video and named it as Episode 11 of Om Nom Stories, and the official release date for the NEW game "Cut The Rope: Time Travel" is on 18th April 2013. )

As I'm writing this, ZeptoLab has not yet posted the following "Cut The Rope: Time Travel Trailer" in its own YouTube channel but it was posted by others like "SlideToPlay":

There's a "hidden star" in the above video like the previous 10 episodes of Om Nom Stories and if you can't find it, you can check out the Answers page.  I've placed this and other interesting puzzles related to Om Nom in the Puzzles page (now has 13 puzzles, 11 video puzzles and 2 old picture puzzles).

The official Facebook page of "Cut The Rope" is at but ZeptoLab has not yet announced this new game in Facebook (it only posted some clues).

A few game websites have more information about this new game and you can read the following 2 articles:
(1) ZeptoLab Announces "Cut The Rope: Time Travel" (by "SlideToPlay")
(2) "Cut The Rope: Time Travel" (by "Game Informer")

The new mobile game (for iOS/Android devices) has 2 Om Noms and 2 candies in each level like the Burger King's browser-based game for kids (in U.S. only, that's why I didn't mention it earlier; if interested you can read this older article by "USA TODAY": "Cut The Rope" teams with Burger King on new game).


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