Sunday, 5 May 2013

Episode 13 (The Renaissance) of Om Nom Stories

Om Nom Stories: Episode 13 (The Renaissance) Screenshot

Watch how Om Nom met his friendly ancestor from "The Renaissance" in Episode 13 of Om Nom Stories:

Try to find the "hidden star" in the above video on your own and if you need help, you can check out the Answers page.  This is now the 15th puzzle listed in the Puzzles page.

*** NEWS ***

Original "Cut The Rope" Game

(1) This is sweet news for ZeptoLab and all "Cut The Rope" fans !  The original "Cut The Rope" game was just announced as one of the Top 25 All-Time Paid Apps for iPhone and iPad:

NEW "Cut The Rope: Time Travel" Game

(2) For those who didn't read my previous article, you may not know that ZeptoLab's NEW game "Cut The Rope: Time Travel" has been released on 18th April 2013 for iOS and Android platforms:
Episodes 11 & 12 of Om Nom Stories, and NEW Game "Cut The Rope: Time Travel"


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