Friday, 22 February 2013

NEW "City Tour" Update for "Pudding Monsters" ver. 1.1

NEW "City Tour" Update for "Pudding Monsters" ver. 1.1

What's NEW in Version 1.1 ?

The "Pudding Monsters" are off on an urban adventure in the NEW "City Tour" (Episode 4) update !  25 new levels with new gameplay elements, including "arrow tiles" that slide monsters across the screen and "magnetic monsters" that emit a super-charged force field to attract monsters to one another.  Now there're 4 episodes of 25 levels each = 100 levels.

For the iOS versions, the game now supports iCloud, allowing you to sync game progress across all your iOS devices.

Below is the official gameplay trailer by ZeptoLab:

*** CHANGES in ver. 1.1 ***

(A) 7 Levels have been changed:
(1) 1-3
(2) 2-13
(3) 2-14
(4) 3-6
(5) 3-16
(6) 3-19
(7) 3-20

(B) Previously in ver. 1.0 (when there were only 3 episodes of 25 levels each = 75 levels), before you complete Level 3-24, the 3 levels 1-25, 2-25 and 3-25 located at the bottom-right of the level selection menus were "hidden" and not shown.  Now they can be seen at the start, view the new screenshot below which I took after resetting the game and replaying the 1st few levels.  I shaded the Level 1-25 in "red" below, previously in ver. 1.0 you can only see empty space over there before you complete Level 3-24.

Previous "Bonus Levels" like 1-25 are no longer "hidden"

Below is the OLD message in ver. 1.0 that you will see after completing Level 3-24:

OLD Message in ver. 1.0 after Completing Level 3-24

Below is the NEW message in ver. 1.1 that you will see after unlocking the "Crown Mode" (there's no mention of "bonus levels" anymore):

160 stars will unlock "Crown Mode" & Episode 4 in ver. 1.1

To unlock the "Crown Mode" in ver. 1.1, you have to do 2 things:
(1) Obtain at least 160 stars (this is the same requirement to unlock Episode 4).
(2) Visit the "Level Selection Menu" for Episode 4 because the above message will ONLY appear when you've navigated to this menu.

I just downloaded this new update and I'm currently busy, so please wait a few days for me to post Part 3 (for Episode 4) of my guide on "Pudding Monsters".  Meanwhile you can read the 1st 2 parts below:

"Pudding Monsters" Game Guide (Part 1)  (Introduction, hidden "crown" features, Episodes 1 and 2)

"Pudding Monsters" Game Guide (Part 2)  (Episode 3: "cloning machine", "eye", etc.)

As I've mentioned earlier, 7 levels in the 3 earlier episodes have been changed, etc. but now I don't have time to edit the above articles.  I'll make the changes later on.