Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Episode 17 (The Stone Age) of Om Nom Stories

Om Nom Stories: Episode 17 (The Stone Age) Screenshot

In Episode 17 of Om Nom Stories, Om Nom travelled back to the Stone Age in search of his ancestor and he had to battle his way past carnivorous plants, giant insects and baby dinosaurs:

Surprisingly, the "hidden star" in this episode is quite easy to find but if you cannot find it, check out the Answers page.  This is also Puzzle No. 19 in the Puzzles page.

*** Note ***

"Om Nom: Candy Flick" New Update

(1) A NEW ver. 1.1 of "Om Nom: Candy Flick" (FREE iOS app) has been released with updated 3D animations and new features !  Get it now in the App Store: http://bit.ly/W7wEua

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