Friday, 18 July 2014

Om Nom Drawing No. 20 and NEW "Hints" Feature in "Cut The Rope" ver. 2.4

Om Nom Drawing No. 20 in "Cut The Rope" ver. 2.4

A 20th "Om Nom Drawing" (shown in above screenshot) has been added in ver. 2.4 of "Cut The Rope".

(For iOS players) To get the new drawing, just tap on the circled region in Level 16-13 as shown in the screenshot below:

Drawing Location in Level 16-13 of "Cut The Rope" (iOS)

For the complete set of "Om Nom Drawings", please read the article "Locations of Om Nom Drawings".

(For Android players) The new hidden drawing should be in the same Level 16-13 but the exact location could be different.  The Android version for "Pillow Box" was released about 1 month earlier.

"Cut The Rope" ver. 2.4" (iOS version) comes with a NEW 16th box "Pillow Box" and a NEW "Hints" feature.  Watch the official gameplay trailer below:

Look at the screenshot of Level 16-01 below:
"Cut The Rope" Level 16-01

The NEW game element is a lamp which you can use to illuminate the stars and wake Om Nom up.  There's also a NEW "Hints" feature (the icon is enclosed in green square at top left corner of above screenshot) to help you collect ALL 3 stars !

If you want to know more about the "superpower" feature, you can read this article: "Cut The Rope: Experiments" ver. 1.4 now has "Superpowers" !