Saturday, 7 October 2017

Find Hidden Objects in 360 - Om Nom Stories: Mysterious House

This is the 2nd Om Nom Stories Puzzle in 3D, the 1st was Om Nom 360° Episode 1: Unexpected Guest  (3D and not all browsers can view it properly):

Find List for "Find Hidden Objects in 360 - Om Nom Stories: Mysterious House"

As shown in above screenshot, they want you to find the "5 hidden objects: (1) Mug, (2) Donut, (3) Crystal, (4) Apple and (5) Glasses" in it ?

It's not very difficult but quite interesting, you have to use a proper browser or viewer which supports 3D browsing to navigate around.  The answers are revealed inside the video when the time runs out but I find it a bit hard to navigate around to see all the 5 locations, so I saved the locations in 2 screenshots for you to view in the Answers page.  This is also Puzzle No. 125 in the Puzzles page.


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