Sunday, 14 May 2017

NEW Types of Videos by ZeptoLab

I created this post because some of you may not know that I add new interesting videos to the page: Some Interesting New Videos which can be accessed at the top of Wallpapers and Cards sections.

The following 2 videos are quite interesting and recently created by ZeptoLab:

(1) Spot the Difference - 1-5 (Om Nom Stories: Magic)

(2) Om Nom & Candy Chase (audiobook)


Find the Hidden Object Ep. 7 - Om Nom Stories: Puppeteer

This is Episode 7 of NEW type of "Find the Hidden Object" puzzles and I've added the one below as Puzzle No. 84 in the Puzzles page.  The answers are revealed inside the video so you only have to watch the video: